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Ndfeb permanent magnets and environmentally friendly technology

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  Magnetic king of sintered ndfeb permanent magnet material due to its high remanence, coercive force and the maximum magnetic energy product such as magnetic, and increasingly wide application in the field of different technologies, dosage have increasingly prominent, the application prospect is very broad.

  Although the ndfeb permanent magnet, with its excellent magnetic and low cost, obtained the widespread application, but its poor corrosion resistance is a major drawback. Using static immersion test at room temperature, measured samples of ndfeb permanent magnet in the corrosion rate of 3% sodium chloride solution is 0.188 g/m2, h, and ordinary carbon steel corrosion rate is 0.119 g/m2. H. At the same time, the electrochemical performance of the experimental results also prove that, ndfeb permanent magnets than carbon steel are more susceptible to corrosion, but the electrochemical properties of the two have certain similarities. Domestic ?