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Ferrite magnets have indispensable materials for the electronics industry

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  Main raw materials including BaFe12O19 ferrite magnet and SrFe12O19. Manufactured by ceramic technology, the quality of a material is hard, brittle material, because of the ferrite magnets have good temperature resistance, low cost, moderate performance, has become the most widely applied permanent magnets.

  The classification of the magnetic material

  Ferrite is a ferromagnetic metal oxide. In terms of electrical characteristics, the resistivity of ferrite magnetic material is much bigger than metals and alloys, but also high dielectric properties. Ferrite magnetic can also performance in high frequency with high magnetic permeability. Therefore, ferrite has become a high-frequency weak current widely used in the field of magnetic material, not of metal.

  Ferrite is composed of various kinds of iron oxide mixture type sintering magnetic metal ?