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The classification of the permanent magnetic ferrite

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  Introductions of several kinds of permanent magnetic ferrite

  1. The oxidation magnet Ferrite Magnets (Ceramic)

  2. The Rubber magnet Rubber Magnets (Flexible)

  3. The Plastic magnet Plastic Magnets

  4. Alloy Magnets Alnico Magnets

  5. Iron 錋 neodymium Magnets Nd - Fe - B Sintered Magnets

  6. Samarium Cobalt magnet, Samarium Cobalt Magnets

  7. Magnetic Jewelry, Magnetic Jewelry

  Oxide magnetic Ferrite Magnets (Ceramic)

  Oxidation of magnets, ferrite magnets) is mainly composed of Fe2O3 (iron oxide) BaCo3 (barium carbonate) or SrCo3 (strontium carbonate) of metal powder forming, provides the fine rate of cost/characteristics. This kind of Magnet has two types: one is Isotropic Magnet (Isotropic all), another for different Magnet (Anisotropic all), square difference Magnet is divided into dry and wet again at the same time.

  Features: magnetic homogeneous and stable, permanent.

  Easy to make small ?