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Permanent magnetic ferrite magnet encyclopedia in arts and crafts

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  Permanent magnetic ferrite Mainly used in handicrafts, adsorption, toys, motors, speakers, etc.

  Permanent magnetic ferrite (SrO) SrO or BaO and Fe2O3 as raw material, through the ceramic fabrication techniques. Due to its raw material is cheap, and relatively simple production process, so the finished product is relatively cheap price than other magnets. The main raw material of ferrite magnet is oxide, so is not affected by the environment or chemical (except acid) while under the influence of corrosion, so the surface does not need to electroplating processing. Mainly used in handicrafts, adsorption, toys, motors, speakers, etc

  Permanent magnetic ferrite magnetic material based functional material for electronic industry. Permanent magnetic material as an important component of magnetic materials, in the electronics industry, information industry, motorcycle

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